This is a site highlighting the shadow aspects of Empathy. This is not necessarily a place for the white lighters and those who are of the mind that an Empath’s sole purpose is to heal and help.
We, in our own right, are creators and destroyers. We are keepers of balance; and the only salvation we offer to those whose lives we touch is an acceptance that perhaps few others can.
If you identify as an Empath yet still feel as if you’re a proverbial square peg being forced into the round hole definition of what an Empath is then you’re home.

The majority of information and articles in circulation that discuss empathy and what an Empath is, in my opinion, does not cover the full spectrum of the Empath’s experiences. It is my hope that what I and the readers share can give better insight into the not often discussed aspects of being an Empath.

Keep in mind, I am not a licensed therapist or counselor. I am not an expert on anything with the exception of the sum total of my own experiences and my perception of them. I urge you, the readers, to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences to the extent that feels comfortable to you. By all means, discuss the topics and offer opposing points of view, just be aware that abusive or offensive posts directed toward myself or others will not be tolerated.